Manufacturers of agricultural and civic technology
Manufacturing tradition in Písečná from the year 1968

Container carriers PORTÝR

The PORTÝR series container carriers are primarily intended for the transport and handling of containers and container bodies and are a very interesting solution, not only in terms of operation. The PORTÝR is ideal for plants using a tractor or tractors (whether owned or hired externally) because it can be used also in periods when it is not seasonally usual.
The PORTÝR container carriers are manufactured and supplied in ten designs with a loading capacity of 2 to 20 tonnes (with a total weight of 2.7 to 27 tonnes). For all tonnages, a rugged structure, many safety features and advanced functionality, significantly facilitating work for the operator, are typical.

Martina Mičáková
Assistant Sales and Marketing

Cell.: + 420 724 981 824
Tel.: + 420 584 403 102

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