Manufacturers of agricultural and civic technology
Manufacturing tradition in Písečná from the year 1968

Bale transporters PLT

The PLT series of tractor platform trucks are defined by their solid steel structure resistant to twisting and bending also in the most demanding conditions. The PLT series of platform trucks are widely used for the collection of straw, hay and silage bales or for the transport of fertilizer bags and other materials in bulk, but not loose. The PLT series of platform trucks are equipped as standard with high-quality axles and ADR suspension, a Knorr-Bremse breaking system, original tyres with a high load index, and a Scharmüller mounting eye. For easy and safe transport of bales, the vehicles are equipped with front and rear folding barriers. PLT platform trucks are approved for the speed limit of 40 km/h.

Martina Mičáková
Assistant Sales and Marketing

Cell.: + 420 724 981 824
Tel.: + 420 584 403 102

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